Interview with Kristine Thronæs (TheMisspolly)

Kristine Thronæs, also calln TheMisspolly or Kikky, has become known by her blog and tumblr. Via these two online platforms and her instagram and facebook account she shares her life to her fans and followers. Because of Kikky's interesting style and onlineblog I wanted to find out more about this young Norwegian woman and did a short interview with her - I hope you'll enjoy it :)

Instagram II4

1) What was the reason you started blogging? Mostly because it's a good way to collect all my inspiration in one place.
2) Which things and properties do you hate? I hate people who are confusing, slow and boring. I hate mess, I hate not having control and I hate not knowing what is going on.
3) What inspires you most? That's Tumblr for sure!
4) How do you would describe your style? That's a difficult question... hmm. I would say my style changes almost every day. But I like brands, and hmm. I think I will just call my style "Polly style " haha.
5) Do you have some favorite brands and shops? I love Kleins and I love the online store "nastygal".
6) What are the three things every woman should have in her wardrobe? Pumps, high waist jeans and a Cropped Tank Top

7) Who are the humans who inspire you most? Oh, there are so many. I love Kim K, I think she runs her style so good and I just love the outfit she puts together.
8) Do you have a definite plan for the future? Ofc, now I am studying Advertising and Marketing Communication. A dream is to work in a magazine or operated an advertising agency.
9) How do you deal with haters? Haha I love them, haters are the ones that give you most of the attention. Haters are just another more strange way to love you.
10) And last but not least: are there any advice you want to give your fans? Never give up, follow your dreams no matter what others around you are saying. The person who really wants something, that person makes it happen.

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